FX SMS is the leading forex trade notification platform. Boost your profits while decreasing losses with quicker analysis and market entry.

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Algorithm Based Trading Signals

We Provide The Signals You Make The Trades

Our proven algorithm monitors 10 currency pairs generating entry and exit signals based on historical data and technical trends.

Forex Algorithm Trading Signals
Forex SMS Notifications
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SMS Messages

You choose the currency pairs we SMS you the trade signals

Choose which currency pairs you want us to monitor for you. When our system identifies forex trade opportunities we will notify you via SMS. We currently support sending SMS signals to over 150 countries.


Month Trades + Trades - Total Trades Profit Trade % Total Pips
Apr 2021 61 64 125 49% 140
Mar 2021 129 124 253 51% 9890
Feb 2021 117 100 217 54% 13284
Jan 2021 103 131 234 44% -1015
Dec 2020 108 119 227 48% -3897
Nov 2020 93 100 193 48% 3112
Oct 2020 103 133 236 44% 3410
Sep 2020 128 96 224 57% 10069
Aug 2020 102 117 219 47% -855
Jul 2020 123 120 243 51% 8495
Jun 2020 129 119 248 52% 12490
May 2020 106 110 216 49% 13007
Total 1302 1333 2635 49% 68130


How many SMS signals will I receive per month?

It depends on how many of the 20 currency pairs you choose to receive SMS signals from. If you choose all 20 currency pairs you can expect to receive on average 200 to 300 entry signals via SMS per month.

Which currency pairs are supported?

Currently, our algorithm monitors 20 different currency pairs. We currently monitor: ​EUR/CAD, EUR/GBP, EUR/HKD, EUR/JPY, EUR/MXN, EUR/NZD, EUR/TRY, EUR/USD, GBP/CAD, GBP/CHF, GBP/HKD, GBP/SEK, GBP/TRY, GBP/USD, GBP/ZAR, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, USD/MXN, USD/TRY and USD/ZAR.

Where is FX SMS data coming from?

We have developed an algorithm using a number of signals based on historical forex rates. The algorithm then posts Buy, Sell, and Close signals using data from an hourly chart.

Is this a subscription service?

Yes. To sign up to receive the SMS trade signals you must pay a monthly subscription. Subscriptions are month to month and members can cancel anytime. There are no long term contracts.

What country codes do you send SMS signals too.

We now send SMS signals to mobile phone numbers in over 150 countries.

How do I pay?

We accept most credit cards, during checkout you will be able to choose your payment method.

Why would I choose a paid subscription?

FX SMS subscription plans come with currently open and closed signals and allow you to receive unlimited SMS signal notifications as they occur in real-time. Receiving an SMS signal will help boost your profits while decreasing losses with quicker analysis and market entry and exit. We have spent countless hours developing and testing the algorithm.


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